My life experiences

I’m a fifty-four year old transexual who is experiencing life after 29 years of incarceration. So many things have changed since my arrest.  There were no cell phones, and technology was just begining.  I sometimes feel like a fish out of water.  My re-integration into my own family has been very intense.  I have an older sister that is addicted to drinking and smoking crystal-meth.  She has a twenty-two year old son who is totally disrespectful to everyone.  I have a restraining order against him.  I have a younger brother who has been extremely generous to me to aidin my re-integration.  I live with my 71 year old morbidly obese mother who lives in a retirement community which has some crazy rules to abide by.



People ask me if I am male or female and my response is “Don’t think of me as man or a woman.  I am just Pat”  I feel very comfortable in my own skin (finally).  I am currently on female hormones which make me feel like I am finally able to be myself.  I have chosen not to wear make-up or try to be a female.  I am feeling great as my new self.